Saturday, November 13, 2010

LGA AA Terminal

Amazing what you can do with some cardboard, smoke colored acrylic from an old turntable cover, some plastic trim, a Mr Clean spray bottle cap, an old flashlight barrel and a florescent light cover. Oh yeah, and lots of primer.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Terminal is 1/400 scale scratchbuilt using Evergreen plastic and railings from "Toms Modelworks.

FREE 1:200 Airport Ground Foils

I have developed free ground foils that can easily be printed for use with any model airport or diorama. They are amazingly lifelike, and FREE! The first set available is a set specifically designed to fit any narrow bodied aircraft. There is plenty of room for a Boeing 757-300W both in wingspan and length. There is also enough room for the 757-300W to pass by on the taxiway, as it is the longest and widest narrow body aircraft. It also has specific parking marks for the A321, B757, B727, MD-90, A320. B737, DC-9. A319, MD-80, A318, and 717. All printing and assembly instructions, as well as the first set of releases can be found on the forum using the link below:

More photos can also be found through the link above. Thanks for reading!

Posted by: Bryce Rea

Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking for anyone who likes to make dioramas!

If you like to make dioramas for static display and would like to write some articles on the subject or even showcase your work let me know!